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#mealprep, la nueva tendencia para comer sano y ahorrar dinero

Es la última moda de Instagram. Consiste en preparar la comida de toda la semana el domingo, distribuirla de manera ordenada, bonita y equilibrada para luego fotografiarla. Pero más allá de la moda ¿tiene algún beneficio esta tendencia? Aquí te lo contamos.

  • Patricia Morales

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A diferencia del fin de semana, de lunes a viernes tenemos menos tiempo para preocuparnos de nuestra alimentación, una de las razones para que el #mealprep o #mealprepping triunfe en Instagram. Consiste en preparar las comidas de toda la semana de una vez (por lo general el domingo) y distribuirla equilibradamente.

Para la nutricionista de Clínica Dávila, Juliana Barria esta tendencia solo trae beneficios. “Lo principal es que se puede planificar una dieta balanceada, poner horarios y así ordenar el metabolismo, ya que el cuerpo se acostumbra a comer a ciertas horas”.

Además hay un ahorro de tiempo y dinero. “Se compra una vez y como ya está claro lo que se va a necesitar en la semana completa, no se gasta en cosas de más. Se cocina solo una vez y el resto de la semana ¡ya está todo listo!”, agrega Juliana.

Por último la nutricionista recomienda consultar a un especialista que asesore sobre las alternativas que se deberían incluir y las porciones. “Es importante distribuir los alimentos de manera correcta e incluir snacks, porque en una alimentación balanceada se debería comer cada 3 o 4 horas”.


Si aún esta tendencia no les convence, les compartimos algunas imágenes de Instagram. Realmente hipnotizante.

It’s great feeling to be done meal prepping ?. These are most of my meals for the next 4 days. I tried to fit everything in the picture but there was no way it was gonna happen ?. I posted my process of how I meal prep on my ig stories since I’ve been getting a lot questions about it. I basically write out what I want to eat in the format of breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner – snack and then I head to the grocery store to get whatever foods I need. Sometimes I go off course and buy something totally different from what I planned depending on if something else looks good or is on sale. Then I come home, start cooking and plug my meals into myfitnesspal. Groceries for this meal prep cost $45 and took me about 2 hours to put together. Totally doable! I just prep my meals for work since if I’m home I can make everything fresh. Meal 1 • Oatmeal, eggwhites, protein vanilla almond milk. Meal 2 • Greek yogurt & strawberries. Meal 3 • Beef chilli with sweet potatoes & veggies. Meal 4 • Apple & RX bars Meal 5 • turkey & veggies stuffed acorn squash. Meal 6 • Asian pear & Trader Joes sour cream and onion corn puffs (not pictured). Total calories for my meal prep is 1800 calories for those that were wondering. If you plan it right you can get a lot out of your calories #volume ???

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The best part of this #mealprepsunday is that I can cook and watch the #olympics2016 ?at the same time. These people are a huge inspiration and so amazing to watch. ? . My fuel for the week started on the grill with some delicious lemon pepper chicken and ends with some fresh fruit & veggies. . . Breakfast post workout: Key lime Greek yogurt Banana 100 grams blueberry 5-10 strawberries ? . . Lunches: 180 grams grilled chicken breast 50 grams broccoli 150 grams mixed peppers (red, orange, green). . . Snacks: Zone perfect protein bar 1/8 watermelon ? . . Add in a protein shake, tons of water and some bruising workouts you know I’ll be whipping up some delicious dinners too ?. Enjoy your week #fitfam!! #mealprep #mealprepping #fitmancooks #grilledchicken #freshfood #healthy #hungry #mealpreponfleek #mealprepdaily #mealprepsociety #goals #eatclean #trainhard #macros #makeitcount #inspiration #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #workinprogress #neverstop

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Sunday means meal prep day ??? I have to admit the last two weeks I have not really been focussing on what I eat ??? After completing the half marathon I thought I would take a few days to just eat what I want ???? But what I realized is that I felt much better, healthier, and had more energy when I made sure I got all the right nutrients in ? That’s why this week I am back to meal prepping my dinners to make sure I get enough protein ? and carbs ? in, eat my veggies ???, and feel good ??? I made five dinners with shredded pork (cooked in the crock pot ?), organic carrots and potatoes, and lots of celery ??? Happy Sunday ?. . #halfmarathontraining #halfmarathon #mealprep #mnb #movenourishbelieve #leanmeals #healthy #sandiego #eathealthy #mealprepping #cleaneating #fitspiration #foodporn #healthyfoodshare #nutrition #mealprepsociety #bbg #realfood #mealprepdaily #getitdone #riseandgrind #eatrealfood #beachbody #dedication #justdoit #mealplan #fitspo #fitfam #foodprep #fitlife

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Meal prep for the next few days. #stilllearning #healthymeals #weightloss #weightlossjourney #mealprep

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